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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And We Wonder Why...

The hens and barn cats can be a bit of a nuisance. Sometimes the hens trespass too close to the house, and I just don't want them scratching in my flowers, or pooping on my "beach" - the area outside the kitchen door. People only!
I've gotten to talking about a new containment situation for the hens, but I have enough projects I haven't gotten too ahead of that, so I doubt it will happen.
The cats are more like doorstep cats - even windowsill cats. You cannot bring food to the outside table without planning to stay with it. The spray bottle has been a useful weapon.
Well, now I know what part of the problem is...
Somebody is spoiling the animals and hand feeding them.
I finally caught my mother in the act when I cam home from an errand, camera in hand.
She claims its shame to waste that bit of yogurt when they enjoy it so much AND we don't need to wash the container!Snickers doesn't know how lucky she is.

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Diane Cipa said...

HAH! I love these pictures and tell your mom, I love her little cheating with kitties and hens. LOL