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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pulled Goat at the Westmoreland Fair

To my friends that have never seen me eat meat - this was my lunch today. This is a Pulled Goat sandwich. It was very nicely and mildly seasoned, and I required a squirt of barbecue sauce to zip it up. The meal started with an 80 pound goat that was deboned and was at about 40 pounds when it was put in the roaster. It was the fastest "seller" at the luncheon for the auction goers, with choices of roast beef, lamb, and pulled pork. My compliments to Becky who made it and told me how it was prepared. It sounds a lot like the way I make a pot roast. I am less intimidated after today.
I think this is the second time I have had the opportunity to try goat in the past two years and this was very nice. I feel as a goat meat farmer I have to be able to sell my product from experience. I tried the Goat Stew at the PASA conference last year, but the meat was overwhelmed by the sauce and veggies. This was a very positive experience and I can stand behind the flavor and texture. Today was the auction of the market animals. All the hard work was going to market for sale. A few sad faces in the ring with their animals, but I think most of the kids should be happy with the prices they got for their efforts.
We arrived at the fair in a downpour, but as we left the skies were clearing, and the scene from the fair entrance was stunning.

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