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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spring Development

The fences haven't been on for two days, but don't tell the goats.
When we knew we needed to get some equipment in to solve the water leak mystery, Bob's name came up. He had consulted out here last August with the NRCS guys about developing our springs.
We thought we might over lap these problems and projects, depending on if and where we found the leak. We were fairly certain it was between the house and the barn, so it affected the barn the most.
We knew that we had some old springs and pipes, but didn't know origins or where there might be a storage tank, or IF there were any storage tanks. As we were exploring the holes to locate the leak, we re-found a pipe that heads uphill. To where, and what is in between was another story.Bob came up last Sunday and dug up one area where we always have water and we were told was the old water source for the barn. It filled up pretty clean.
We also have two other constant springs in the field facing the barn. Bob felt that all the springs were good, but two were very good. We decided to develop one and see how it goes. No more worrying about municipal water and hauling from the barn.
So here began the dirt mess. The trench is about three to four feet deep, and they were able to dig under the fence to make it all the way down to where a faucet will go.
Friday took us to the fence line.
Catch up tomorrow.

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