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Friday, August 21, 2009

Water Mess

That's the unofficial name for three weeks of trying to find a water leak in our municipal supply. That water is dollars draining somewhere. We need to find where, before it gets worse, and before winter.
If you wonder why the blog posts have dropped off, this is part of it.
We first tested every toilet and faucet for leaks. Once that was shored up, we looked in the barn and yard.We dug in all the places there have been problems before, or where we know there are junctions and shut offs.
This has been days and hours of digging, timing, yelling, calling, to find out where the leak, at least, was not.
This is the mess we were able to make on our own, thanks to Dave doing all the digging - I helped only a little.
We finally have called for help and machinery. More to come.

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