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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spring Development - Part Two

Saturday was the trench digging on the inside of the fences. We still were left with the mystery of where the black pipe from the spring really went. It didn't seem to be going to the connection by the driveway near the barn. So we decided that the spring was going to feed the frost free faucet (say that fast three times!!) in the alley. The holding tank needed perforations to let the spring water in. Gravity is going to feed it down the four inch pipe to a one inch pipe. That combo provides a good bit of pressure.
That took us to the alley in the middle of the pastures.
Dave and Jock ride down to the alley to test the water going to the faucet via the pump in the hole.
OK. It works so far.
They needed to get some water out to see what they were digging.
Tyler does some of the hand digging and rock "finessing". We have some nice rocks now.
The rest of the pipe was placed in the trench and hooked up, with one blow out when the water was first tested.
The cement tank was submerged in the spring after the hole was made a little deeper.
The final connection was made, and it was time to test the line again.
Confident, the trench is filled in and smoothed over.
Time to go down the hill on the Deere and witness the success.
We have to wait for the spring to fill the hole, to get new water in the tank, and down the pipe.

Hooked up and ready to go.
We have to wait a few days for the sediment to settle, and we should have clear water for the animals.