“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Saturday, April 17, 2010

86 MPH Wind

Its been a busy, messy, 24 hours.While I was in town yesterday afternoon, we had quite a burst of wind and rain, and one of the first things I found was this huge, downed, old fir. This was only the beginning of the discoveries to be found all over the area. When I got home, the garage door didn't open, so of course, we had lost power. Also, I had an angry Pekoe waiting to get dried off. He is our disabled cat, and probably couldn't move fast enough to a good hiding place. Then I turned to see some very happy goats coming over the barn driveway. Their fence had been knocked down by bowls and debris, and just the 86 MPH wind. That was an empty feed bowl, not the water bowl. That much water was from the rain burst of perhaps 15 minutes or less.We had quite a weather change that has taken us from warm, t-shirt weather, to downed trees, shattered sheds, and bits and pieces still being found. One of our two sheds on sleds is this shattered pile of lumber that was spread over 50 feet (I think the fence slowed it down from going further). This is the other shed, that somehow survived in almost perfect shape,... ... after traveling from the brown spot between Jock and Brees on the left, also at least 50 feet, to where it lies,......sideways, tangled in the Electronet fence. Then as we tried to gather up the goats and debris, another front moved in, bringing white stuff(not really sure whether to call it snow or hail) today, and reason to bring a load of wood from the barn. We were out of power for twenty four hours, and are fortunate to be back already. At least last night, we were able to enjoy the candle light, and some time to slow down and have a glass of wine. Today we worked it off, with more repairs to go.

We are grateful that we didn't loose any animals, and that we know of no one that was hurt with all this damage. Tomorrow's local news will probably have more stories to tell, but for now, we thank our lucky stars that this is the worst of it for us.

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