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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twenty, Nineteen...

So what are these people watching? Looks like fun doesn't it? Just the bored neighbors watching a goat birth. Trinity didn't drag things on like her mother for weeks. That udder popped last night and she woke me up (yes - the baby monitor was back on) around seven this morning with some crying. The poor thing has a hard time compared to the other girls who seem to barely make a noise and shoot the kids out. After a good hour of concern from ALL of us, Trinity pushed out a lovely baby buckling. He has been cleaned inside out (I mean she even cleaned inside his mouth!), but had not latched on yet before I came in to cook dinner. Trinity keeps turning to clean him when he gets beside her. Her udder is really tight and full, so she is tender. I feel for her, and it makes it harder for the little guy to get a good go at his milk. We've done a little milking, but its out to the barn this evening to relieve the pressure some more.
It was amazing to see this young goat turn into an obsessive mom within a minute of kidding. She even impressed the young ones in the crowd. So just before noon, we were up to 20 goats on the farm, but as planned Brees officially became Wally at about 1:30PM and went to his new home with his new owner. We are very excited to see him in August at the Westmoreland Fair. He was very well behaved when Kayla came to pick him up, but was not to pleased about being introduced to the halter and lead. We made the meeting a better experience by just carrying him to the car. He even got to ride home in the cab after we all worried that he might squeeze out of the crate they brought.

So here we are, back to nineteen goats. Wow! This was a fun week!


Lois Evensen said...

Thanks for more wonderful pictures. I am enjoying following your goat family. :)


Kittie Howard said...

My hub joined me to watch your videos (previous post) and the new birth. Hub's a Brees fan, too. But understood he had to be traded (as hub's also a sports fan). And what a beautiful new kid you have. Your family grows!

Deere Driver said...

The video was a great last memory of Brees here on the farm. He was so good leaving - no bawling, and so was I - no sadness. I look forward to seeing what Kayla does with him in August. He's the kind of animal I want to produce more of.