“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Out

While maid service was in the room, Layla took the kids for a stroll outside.
I found them on the barn ramp just posing for the camera.
They are such a regal looking family. I just love Layla's look, and her personality is equally lovely.
Layla decided that a little part time work cleaning the barn ramp was OK as long as she could bring the kids.
Zahra and Zuri do a good job of staying nearby and practicing their acrobatics.
Mia got a little too close, and Layla gave her a warning.
Ziggy (I'm trying that on for size) likes getting close too. At two days old, he's hopping around and exploring.
The chickens are getting used to all these curious kids around.
Trinity is settling into motherhood, but is still a little uncomfortable on one side for nursing. She's a bit of a worrier too, but is always there for some milk and a nuzzle.


erica said...

this is soooo lovely, all of this.. please tell me where is this located?

Lois Evensen said...

oh, sweet. :) I just love checking in every day to see your wonderful pictures and commentary. Thank you for sharing!


Louvregirl said...

...Too cute!!

clara said...

i love it!:)

Deere Driver said...

Erica - Hope this gets to you. We are in SW Pennsylvania. About one hour east of Pittsburgh if there is NO traffic!!