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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lunchtime Update On Layla's Does

Things are looking better. When I went back in around 7:30 this morning, Layla was starting to ignore the weaker doeling, and was giving all her attention and warmth to the other. I guess she couldn't be in two places, and chose the one that was healthy. You can see here at 8AM or so, the one doeling does not look good and Layla is still trying to stimulate her, but without much success. I mixed up some powdered colostrum and gave about 8-10 cc's of it to the second doeling, and she got a bit more lively. Then I introduced the bottle and nipple to her. It took a few tries, but all of a sudden she started sucking pretty well. Then my neighbors Allison and Stacy stopped a second time (already!) this morning, and #2 really took a real liking to Allison. She tried to suck her chin and fingers. I guess her smell was right. We let Allison do some of the bottle work, and it went well. A bit more team work and we got an ounce or so in her. Then when doe#1 got up and hungry, I managed to help #2 to a teat. At first it did not work, but a second try was a bit more successful. Finally, after getting all the stalls cleaned and water freshened, it was noon. The twins were together, and Layla seemed to becoming more interested in "talking" to both kids. I left them alone to rest and gain more strength for an afternoon session.Now that I have had some lunch, its back out to try a bit more assistance to get everyone well.
At 4AM and 8AM I could hear a generator still going across the creek, because of Friday's storm. I was feeling lucky to be able to turn on lights this morning. I think the utility trucks just left, so I hope that's one of the last to be waiting this long.


Louvregirl said...

Awww. How very cute! Twins!! Love their coloring!

Lois Evensen said...

Your pictures and story are wonderful. Wonderful blog you have here. The babies are just gorgeous.

Lois in Cincinnati