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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If The Video Doesn't Make You Smile...

...well you haven't been watching #2's rough couple of days.Meet Zuri (#2) and Zahra (#1).

This year the letter Z is the registration letter for goats, and since these two are Full blood Boer goats, I found African names for them. Zahra means blossom and Zuri means beautiful. Zahra has the spot on her knee and has more brown on her face. She's also a shade darker. Zuri's face has a wide white blaze and extends over all her mouth and chin.

This morning the kids were together and active and Zahra was doing a little hopping, but Zuri was just wobbling around still. The video is from this evening. The improvement is wonderful. She's really catching up and I am sure she gained weight today. She's filling out. Mom still has her favorite, but Zuri has learned to chase that teat and latch on.



Mike said...

how cute are they!

Lois Evensen said...

How every sweet. :) I've been checking in to see your pictures every day. Seeing the video brings them all to life. So precious. I love the kitty in the video, and also the kitty's image at the side - "nesting" on the eggs. :)

Lois in Cincinnati

Louvregirl said...

That cat thinks he's a goat!!!