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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fence Training and More Visits.

Mother's Day was the second day for all the kids in the high tensile fences.
Does Kato have a musical note on his face?
There has been a bit of squawking when they learn about them the hard way. They have a good jolt in them.
Kato and Saba
I tightened up the space even more from yesterday with the electronet. The sooner they learn, the safer they'll be.

Aziza finding the spool to be a bit slippery
My neighbor Len and his fiance Lisa visited today. Just this week Len told me about the bobcat that he spotted in the woods that we share behind our houses. I think that there's enough game up there that it shouldn't bother the goats during the day, at least not this time of year. But the fence is as important to keep predators out as the goats in.

Cleo and Mei
I managed to get the kids all lazily sunning themselves in the morning heat.
A rare group shot of the seven newest kids as they stopped moving for about four seconds.

Lisa was an easy mark for all the kids.

I think they all got a hug and their picture taken.
Grant persisted with Len until they finally made friends.

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