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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Easter Alley Light

Its now a month later, but while Andrew and Kristin were here for Easter, the handy man project was to install a post with power as far up the fence alley as the length of wire would allow.
Its amazing how tall the grasses and weeds are now. This looks so tidy.
This required hand digging the trench from the barn to the pole, and hand digging the hole for the pole. I admit that Kristin and I were nowhere near when this work was being done. We were shopping for Easter dinner. While we(they) were erecting the post, we put up a light like the one installed on the barn.
So the pole will serve two purposes: the light; and an electric box that we can run power from.
Mainly this means we can plug the heated water buckets further up the fields in the winter, and also set up something more permanent there too.
See the trench all the way to the barn?
Although we haven't had much need for the light yet, it works very nicely from the switch in the barn. It can also work on a solar sensor. In the winter, with the shorter days, the light will be used much more regularly.

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