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Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Kids and Cray Fish

The fun thing about kids are the visitors - young and old.
The neighborhood has a few young kids of the human kind, and when word got out on the week-end that the first kids had arrived, the visits began. I must say that the kids my age have been around also. There is nothing better for celebrating Spring then a few hoppy goat kids.
This week, our friends Jim and Kathy brought their grandson Luke to see our youngsters.
I have to say the goats were well behaved until the bag of Cheerios got into the mix. Momentary mayhem! No one seemed to notice but me. For Luke it was good fun.
As young as he is, Luke had complete confidence with the animals - chickens, goats and cats.
Even a cray fish that Jim spotted by the alley gate.
You think we have a water problem here when we have crayfish this big??

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