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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally Some Names

Kato and Saba
A week later and the four May Day twins have names, although its going to take us a while to keep them straight. We started with African names because they are a South African breed, and ended up with these.
Vinegar's doe twins are Mei (May), the white one, and Cleopatra, the brown one with the white belly stripe.
Mei is the fifth month and she is the fifth female born here.
CLEOPATRA: Latin form of Greek Kleopatra, meaning "glory of the father." Cleopatra VII reigned as Queen of Egypt from 51-30 B.C. She was born in 69 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt and is believed to have been black African.

Cleo is cleaning Mei here.

Uno's doe is Saba, the seventh female. Saba means seven. She has lots more brown and has four brown feet. Kato is the buckling in front, who is more traditionally colored. Kato means second born of twins.

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