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Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepared For Winter

We are ready to get the house warm and dry next winter.
Our wood was delivered and stacked today and will be perfectly seasoned at first need in December? November?? Drying the wood at least two seasons, if not more, makes a huge difference in how it burns. Its a waste to burn wood that isn't properly dried, and it doesn't do much good for the chimney.
The Browns have been delivering wood to us since we moved here, so when we make the phone call saying the barn is ready, we know that the wood can show up anytime, since they know where we stack it. We arrived home from a trip to Pittsburgh and the work had already started.
Tom said this wood came from a lot that was felled last August, but split today. Its mostly cherry wood, so from what I understand, I have to make sure the goats don't get into it. Whatever the toxic part is I don't know, but it is poisonous to goats, cows and maybe other animals. The splinters and bark bits are in a nicely shoveled pile that I have to box up for kindling, and get out of reach.

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