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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh What Fun!

We used to be able to say "the twins" for the past four months and know who we were talking about.
Then we could say "the new" twins for about a week and know who was who.
Then it was their half sister...
Now its been five days, and we have the four May Day twins still nameless.
Getting everyone in and out has been more of a challenge then it should be. We've had heavy rains for most of the past five days, so naming kids has not gotten on the DONE list yet.
The variety of markings is fun to see.
Aziza getting acquainted with her week younger half sisters.
Uno's first priority is food. The same for her kids. Uno has been ravenous since she kidded. I think she was stretched to the max and looked thin immediately after. We are giving her extra dry rations and hay to make sure she can stay healthy while nursing.
The "big" twins have been away from their mother Layla (foreground with horns) for about a week getting weaned, and hopefully can come back to the herd soon. That will be one less juggling act, getting in and out of the barn.
We have the electro net up to teach the kids about electric fence - they are learning! We also have the rolling playground/shelters for entertainment.
These are the bucklings born April 23. They have grown so much in 12 days. So we have seven kids under two weeks old and we're done for the year!

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