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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Derry Ag Fair

Tonight(Saturday) I took myself out to the fair - the Derry Ag Fair, a couple towns over. The rain clouds came in and sprinkled just a little, but I think they got to have all the events and shows without a problem. Some fine country singing, even if its not my thing.
Its a smaller, down home kind of fair, but its grown a lot in the past couple of years.
I ran into a few people I know there, and saw Speckles' daughter, and her daughter. They certainly show a lot more Boer goat in them.
Speckles is a Grandmother!I arrived in time to get a little fair food and then attend the Market Animal Auction at 7PM.
I wanted to see how the goats looked and what kind of prices they got.
The Grand Champion got $3.00 a pound and the Reserve Champion got $3.75. The rest of the goats came in between $2.80 and $1.20. I guess that's pretty respectable on the most part. It might not cover all the expenses a person puts in, but it depends on how much they spend on a goat.
That cute little girl must have gotten a good sponsor.
I thought the goats were much better prepared than last year, but they still are not as stocky as the goats I see at the Fayette Fair.
There were a few quilts and I enjoyed this simple garden themed quilt that was the Blue Ribbon winner.
It looked like an original design to me.
So this is a toy I might like next. They had it behind a John Deere like mine. Its a poop chucker(manure spreader) if you don't recognize it. I can wait to find a used one though.
This guy was waiting with his weights for the next pull.
A neat looking JD was waiting for the Tractor pull too. The diesel fumes drove me away from watching too long. Phew!

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