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Saturday, July 11, 2009

No More Blue/Green Eggs

...at least not for a while.
Carlene died.
I have to be careful of the company I'm in when I say that out loud. When I made the announcement the other morning, there was a pause of shock.

Same thing happened a few months ago when I said "Oprah's dead" in the barn, as we were all getting stalls ready. It was almost a Princess Diana moment.

And then - "Oh! The chicken?" Relief.
That's Carlene on the right by the cats.
It just so happened my daughter and mother, who know the namesake of Carlene the hen, thought I was talking about a lovely woman from my old hometown of Canton, CT. As far as I know, Carlene, the human, is in good health. I guess I will have to call her now.
Strangely, a tradition of naming hens after friends, or by friends, got started with Norma Jean six years ago and the tradition continued - by request. So when I got the day old Ameraucana or Araucana (some sort of Easter egg breed) in the mail, Carlene put in a request for a hen in her name. Truffles, her sibling, was named after a favorite eatery, and if course, the confection that was somewhat her color.Well, today we had blueberry pancakes with Carlene's last egg and our fresh picked blueberries. Thanks Carlene! You made a lot of kids, and big kids, happy with your beautiful eggs.

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