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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weaning Week Continued

Every day this week, we made certain to get the kids out first and fast. Yesterday was a bit of a balk for a few of them, and I had to go back and get everyone into the group. Then we just got going - fast.

We also make sure that we move the electronet enough so there are new fresh tips for them to enjoy. The kids are not doing as complete a job of clearing the stems and knocking things down as low as when the whole crew was here, so we don't give them as big a space as before. We would be done with this half of the pasture if everyone was still together. I think its lasted a week more than I expected.The little ones try to get as high up as they can. They all do really. Its their browsing style.
To tone down the yelling back and forth from the babies to the moms, we started with a couple coffee cans of grain, but that quickly was down to one can. I lead them to the newest browse, and get them used to being in the field themselves.
Now they all seem to recognize the big rubber feeding pan that I carry up with the can of grain. When I get desperate, I drop it on the ground and its gets their attention. They come looking for food. If they can't be with mom, the black pan is good enough.
Its actually the big goats that hang around the trough the longest. I'm not sure if its because of the head butting and the little one's give up, or they just are greedy.These gates are great scratching areas for the goats. You have to make sure they can take the abuse.
For certain, one of the things I notice more is the consumption of water. Usually after the walk to the end of the alley, there are one or two that go straight for the water. I can't say I even noticed them drinking much water before. Without Mamma's milk, the water is in demand.

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