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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weaning Week

Oh! Its been a rough time here on the farm.
The nannies on their own.
We're trying to wean all seven kids from the four nannies all at once. The crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Its enough to make you want to - well, I don't know, but its not been fun.
Mom checking the goats in the barn.
Perhaps a mistake, but I started by separating them overnight. Then, the next day, I took all the kids and non lactating goats up to the regular field and kept the mothers near the barn. Do you know how their wailing carries?
So the next day, they were in the barn till mid afternoon, and by the time they got out , they were so happy to graze, the wailing was short lived. Everyday I lengthened the time indoors until they only got to milk off a bit when the kids came to the barn.
Did it help working up to it like that. I don't think much, but we'll see. What I really want to do is avoid udder problems.
The bawling babies heading out to the paddock.
Tonight the kids were given sweet feed and goat mix till they wandered off. Then they were all "tucked in". The nannies got a little dry grass to quiet them for the night. Tomorrow could be a very uncomfortable day for the udder girls. I may start drinking.

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