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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hay and Happy Swallows

Today a delivery of hay arrived for the horse, and then Dave went out and cut down our "hay". The only problem is that we can't bale it since we don't have the machinery.
For the little amount of hay that we use, it really isn't worth the huge expense. We just cut the grass high so that the new growth has a nice start.
Hopefully it will be in perfect shape for the goats later in the fall when we put the electronet outside the main paddocks. They'll come out of this gate and access this area. Then they can eat the hay on the stem - no machinery involved.
It was my idea to mow some of the fields, but then I had to run out and get a few pictures of the flowers before they were cut. As much of a pain the thistle seeds will be later, the flowers are stunning now. They look like fireworks exploding.
This flower attracted a few busy pollinators. Later, the goldfinches will share the seeds and spread a few around.
The Queen Anne's lace looks regal.
The butterfly weed had so many bees loving its flowers. No shortage of bees here.
The butterfly settled on this thistle as I was shooting it. The camouflage eyes on its tail are impressive, and make it look like a bat.
The barn swallows were feasting as the mower stirred up the insects. They looked like a Hitchcock movie, sweeping around Dave's head. The babies in the nests will be fat and happy tonight.

This should be perfect hay for the goats in the fall. They'll do the next mowing. No machinery - no diesel. As it gets colder, they'll be less choosy, and clean up this area pretty well. That will let the areas inside the high tensile fences gain more growth for the winter. Makes for happy goats!

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