“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dreary Damp Day

The kids are usually game to be outside in most weather, and usually the pictures I post of the farm are more pleasant, but not today. Today we have melting slush with frozen rain on top, and a penetrating dampness that sent my camera to the counter for open battery surgery. I though we lost her when she was having hallucinations, but a bit of time and dry air did the trick.
Today I am trying to show you the dirt, cold, damp, and dreariness that is also part of the 365 day bargain.
The animals need to be fed, and the dog wants a long walk in any weather. As a matter of fact, Jock probably prefers this cold weather over the sunny, warm days that I prefer.
Today his walk provided the landscapes of fog, mist and slush.
And we have the mud from the spring development lines. They are settling and so we have been trying to level the areas, especially where there is the most foot travel - animal or human.Its going to be next spring before we can try and seed and get things stabilized. Until then we have to keep removing rocks as they rise up, and redistribute dirt as it sinks.
The goats definitely prefer the drier weather. This is where they will probably be most of today until the precipitation lets up. Not a happy bunch.
But anyone that prefers to stay here, can just enjoy the pictures, and stay cozy.

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