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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ptGroup Insider Expose!!

About a month ago now, I developed a pain in my shoulder that became so terrible, I couldn't lift it, and couldn't sleep or find a painless position anywhere. I ended up at the doctor getting cortisone to relieve it. After another appointment, I was prescribed physical therapy to try and get my shoulder function back. I am hoping to avoid surgery, having had enough of that in my life.Physical therapy starts pleasantly enough with this neat bit of architectural decoration as you enter. Looking outside is lovely, but we're here for what's inside (Click on photo to learn about ptGtroup).Inside my shoulder that is. Rotator cuff injury? Bursitis? My shoulder hurts. OKAY? Why? Wish I knew.That wild hair belongs to Amy, my physical therapist.That chin belongs to me, the patient, who is not very patient with the fact that my shoulder has not bounced back as quickly as I would have liked. I'm wearing my heating pad for 15 minutes to get ready for therapy. Also the thing that looks like the TV remote is the control for this gadget that I will have to find out the name for. It has two sticky pads that are on each side of my shoulder that stimulate the muscles with these odd little tingly sensations. Sometimes its comfy and sometimes it makes the shoulder spasm and twitch. I guess for the good. Its some sort of electrical stimuli I think. A bit more research needed.
The heating pad retires to its hook, and the ice packs are in the cooler for later. Cute logo on the computer screen. Don't let 'em fool you with this Heart stuff!! HA!
This is Kristi also known as "The Hand". Not really, but she has so many attractive features that we didn't know where to start! The Hand keeps track of my timers and reps every day. A real Drill Sergeant!
Diagnosis: Shoulder pain. That's the right shoulder. OK Kristi?
The worst part of my day! Peddling with my arms.
I do not like this machine! Letting my fingers do the walking. Boring, but a good stretch.
Thank goodness for the radio.
Some good tunes help the workout along especially for the reps with my THREE pound weights for my curls. WOO!! Three pounds! Up from two. Doing well! And a little rhythm helps me keep going on my band exercises.And counting to five on my holds: 19, two, three, four, five. Twenty , two......

The next tool of torture is ???? I hold one loop with the good hand and then pull the bad hand up as far as I can behind my back. Someday I will be able to do it on my own again.
AH! The stick. Weighs almost nothing. Hurts when it goes back.
One of the scary views indoors.
Two stick exercises. I am secretly practicing martial arts.And now - more weights. ONE pound!!!!!! Definitely do not want to bulk up too much.
The dreaded vent. I swear it is going to drop out of the ceiling.

After all this, Amy comes in to apply more torture techniques which they teach at Duquesne University. And I LET her do it. Then the ice pack and ten minutes of nap or conversation.
Amy and Kristi, the shy ones, in their office.

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Kittie Howard said...

Wow, that's a lot of grit...hope this works out for you...my neighbor had the surgery...took a year of therapy (worst part, he said), but, now, for the Great News: Tim says he feel like a trillion bucks, wishes he'd done all of this sooner...Merry Christmas!