“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Work While the Sun Shines, Even If Its Cold Out There

This past week-end, while extra hands were on deck, we tackled a couple of jobs that needed doing. We brought a 32 foot extension ladder into the house to clean the ceiling fan above the family room. When we took the glass lamp shades off to wash them, we put in new energy efficient bulbs. Might as well get everything done while the ladder is up.When the fences were put in last year, the gates were not put in tight enough for goats. The kids could squeeze through, but also the adult goats figured out how to get past the bungee cords that were used to try and tighten things up. Finally we moved the gates toward the latch side so they could be tightened better. What that means is that there is a large gap on the butt end of half of the gates that needs to be filled in with a post. We will be finishing that up on another, hopefully warmer, day.Andrew found one of the staples a challenge, but won the fight!After just barely keeping our White Christmas, the holiday and week-end washed away the snow. Monday morning we woke up to enough snow to warrant the tractor coming out to blaze a path. The rest of this week has brought plenty of snow, wind and cold, but its good to know that we have more than Fair Weather visitors.The neighbor's twin grand daughters arrived and came up to check on the kids.
They helped bring out the food and then gave each of the kids lots of personal attention.
They got down at kid level. Luckily they were dressed for the snow. They went skiing next.
The goats were well behaved, and why not, with all the love and attention they get.
Afterward, we took Jock for a well needed walk, and found this drift working a moat around the burn pile.
Then it was back to another turn at plowing the driveway and shoveling the paths.


Kittie Howard said...

You had fun doing hard, hard work and this is very nice. Looks like you've got a really nice spread (place in Louisiana talk). Loved the kids...yep, they do look friendly and the neighbor's kids also seem kind and gentle. Happy New Year!

Deere Driver said...

The kids are great - all of them. Yesterday was so neat to see the girls get down in the snow with the critters. Their Dad, who also grew up next door, I think hopes they have fond memories of the kind of life that is hard to find a lot of times. He sends them up to "work".