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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Day of Rifle Season

Just when I was trying to get some of the trickling sounds of water, this scene ran in front of me...

It is the last day of hunting season, with rifle anyway. There are a couple of trucks parked near our field in the direction from where the deer ran from. The deer were definitely running away, not just running.


Its been a wet, bitterly cold two weeks for the hunters, and today might be the nicest day to have one more chance at some venison for the year.

I wish the hunters luck. I feel the deer are competing with my goats for pasture now, and they spread disease and parasites that are transferable to my ruminants. The deer insist on browsing inside the fences, when they have the other 50 acres to themselves.

The game warden has given me some tips on teaching the deer how to respect the fences. I haven't practiced them yet, but maybe this coming spring we will give it a try. Some peanut butter on foil plates on the hot lines supposedly will teach a lesson. I'm collecting pie tins this holiday. Save them for me. We'll go all out if we do this!

As an aside, we got a call this morning asking if we had a loose horse. Apparently there is a horse running along the power lines up along the ridge. The hunters called a neighbor up the hill to try and find the owner before it got shot. I hope it got home.

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