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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Tree Recycling - Part Two

Today was a nice day to take the truck out and gather a couple of Christmas trees from my friend Sharon. The kids are digging into their tree with great gusto.While we were over there, we got to introduce the dogs. That went well.
I see a dog walk in our future - finally!

Then we took a long leash walk with Jock around Laurel Mountain Borough.

When we got home we gave each of the herds their own tree. Although it looks green on the fields since the snow is gone, remember its still January, and the ground is pretty frozen. Not much is growing, and what's there won't last long. The trees are a nice treat to keep everyone busy and civilized. Our buddy Sam dropped one off earlier this week, so I think we will save that one for the next snow storm.The remnants of the last tree are in the foreground. They're still nibbling at it though. We have plate cleaners here!

For Part One on this fun topic, see: Recycling Christmas Trees - Goat Style


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