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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recycling Christmas Trees - Goat Style

This year, with all the snow, I have been hot on the trail, and hot on the phone, for Christmas trees. I mean after they are done being used for the holiday.Only real trees also. I'm sure the goats would have a go at anything for a while: plastic, tinsel. I'm just not sure what the outcome would be. And as desperate as they are for browse...but not a good idea. Here are the adults, belly up in the snow, when the first tree arrived.
What excitement!And here it is three days later.
Then the kids had at it!I have managed to get two trees for the goats so far, and I swear its keeping the peace out there. This second tree was delivered by my neighbors on Sunday. Its so big that you can't see Dave dragging it.With absolutely nothing to do after eating their morning ration of hay, the trees have provided a great distraction. Without them, the amusement would probably be picking on each other. With at least two of the girls pregnant, that's the last thing we want right now.A couple people consider pine and fir trees to be like crack for their goats.
They love them.Also its supposed to be a natural dewormer.
That would be good if its so. Here's the first tree today, after the bark was stripped by the kids.
Can you believe it?
I think its ready for the new burn pile.Another person said it made the milk bitter, but since no one is nursing yet, we don't have to worry about that. With two or three more trees lined up, I hope to get the herd through the boredom of snow, snow, snow. The neighbor's tree today, after three days of fun. The needles are almost gone. I'll let them at it one more day.
You can see the tatters of the trims and the top that the kids had nearer the barn.
They are done!

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Kittie Howard said...

Your kids made me smile. They're sooo happy, just munching away. A Christmas present for everyone after all! Love your pics/comments.