“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Nice Day Outside

Its hard to imagine I can think of anything to do when I don't have a half foot of fresh snow fall to move. Pants'(Cookie's) little tail just caught my eye today, as the kids were running around finding the best bite of hay. Adorable little wisp. The kids' coats are like thick, teddy bear fur now. It makes them toy like. You just want to give them hugs sometimes. I don't think they get it though. They just keep eating. We are going through bales of hay this week. There is nothing for the goats to browse on. Even the adult goats are finding themselves belly high in snow, so maneuvering is requiring more athleticism on their part. The next wave of snow is coming down, but that's tomorrow's problem at this point. Jock finally got a walk in the fields after a few days with only chasing the tractor. Sorry - escorting the tractor. He was so happy. He just loves the snow, and rolls in it, eats it, and digs in it.He and I both turned to see what was wailing in pain. I thought one of the cats was sick or something.It turns out Mia was trying to follow us on the walk, but couldn't get further than the fence. The snow was just too deep. She wailed and wailed, and then sat on the post and wailed some more. Not a cry, but a dog and human stopping in your tracks, sick wail. Even Snickers came to see what was wrong. Poor Mia. Its going to be a while before she gets to walk with us, if the forecast is correct. The snow is as far as the forecast can see. Do they have cat packs?
The pond looks a little different right now, and I'm not sure if someone new to the place would even realize there is a pond here.
Things look more stark and raw, but still beautiful. Thank goodness Jock gave me that woeful look today. It got us going on the walk. Here he patiently waits for me to finish playing with my camera so that we can continue up the hill. There are drifts, and snow filled dips, that eat up your leg where you don't expect it. Our walk was cut short because of the snow kicking down my knee high Wellies. But not too short. I suffered with cold, wet feet a little. Jock needed a good run. So did I.

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