“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Quick self portrait of me after clearing today's snow from the driveway with the loader. Another "farm fashion" statement. It kept me dry, and I thought warm. I didn't realize how cold I was until I came in the house. When my fingers and toes started to thaw, the jumping up and down in pain began. I ended up soaking my fingers in warm water to speed up the healing. I think I'll have chills all evening. One of the strange formations on the garage roof from the drifts. I didn't notice it till a chunk fell in the snow below. Perhaps a glass of wine is deserved tonight. What a brilliant idea! One of our Christmas gifts. Thanks Belle and Dan!
In the old days, Mom would give me some schnapps!


Kittie Howard said...

Hat's off to one tough gal. Shoveling in this deep freeze is Mammoth Work. Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine!! German friends swear by schnapps (especially pear schnapps) for the cold and a weiss beer for a tummy ache. Actually I bought some pear schnapps prior to the cold snap. It's in the pantry, unopened. Haven't had any in years. Maybe hubby and I should have a bit this evening.

Deere Driver said...

Well Mom IS German!

Back in high school, my friends always thought it was great that I got a nip after shoveling. I took it like medicine at the time. Didn't appreciate my luck!

We have some pear schnapps from Slovenia with the pear in it. Been around several years. Its been called "fire water". Haven't had the nerve to break it out!

Maybe you should try yours first!!