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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Same Old, Same Old...Almost

This was an abnormally early morning for me. My shoulder was reminding me to not turn on my right side as the rest of me needed to be there. At 4:30, I finally gave up and got up! Then, Ibuprofen to start my day.What gave my morning a real lift was this sight. Last night's clean up was still evident! The prior two or three mornings, the view was of another thick layer of the white stuff. Clean and pretty as it was, it looked like we never shoveled at all.
Late yesterday afternoon, I started the cycle of clean-up again, continuing into dark and dinnertime. Those white blobs? Yes. Still snowing.There was little use starting early, as the snow continued all day. I just wanted to wait to maximize the effort before more tracks were put down to ice up the lane. Jock was my constant supervisor and assistant.
Pekoe was grateful to get out early this morning and not have to deal with neck deep snow and drifts. Lets see how long the reprieve lasts. More snow in today's forecast...and the next week's, with colder temps again.

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Kittie Howard said...

Mind-boggling snow. Incredible work (I ache for you!). Jack looked so faithful, even a bit worried, a pic for the ages. Hang in there, these are the good ole days (I say to myself, too!)