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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Egg Cracking Cold

That's cold!
When you bring in four eggs at 10:00AM and two of them are cracked open because of the cold - THAT'S COLD! Apparently a couple of the hens think that laying their eggs in the horses hay bale is better than their baskets. That's where the frozen eggs were found. Its is possible one was there since yesterday, and its the same hen hiding them. I found one there a few days ago. But these two look different shelled.And yes - its been more of the same. Snow to wake up to. Flurries all day. Single digits till midday.

The goats went out at noon for a little short lived sunshine. We were watching the Steelers play Miami to keep their play off hopes alive, so the animals got stuck until after the game. The sheds are a good wind break, but that sun didn't stay long enough to make things pleasant.
I have been under the weather and staying close to the teapot and fire whenever possible. I did crawl down to the basement, and carried out my traditional planting of seeds for the first of the year. Just a little basil. Felt good. Mia would like to join me by the fire, or at least indoors. She and Snickers got one of the frozen eggs after I washed, thawed and soft boiled them. I found them snuggled together today. It must be cold!

And to my goat friends: My visits to the barn have been few in this New Year. Last night some exciting news came from the barn, and tomorrow I will try and confirm it with pictures and my own eyes. Stay tuned!


Kittie Howard said...

OMG, that's cold. But Mia melted my heart...can't resist kitties. Hope you're feeling better soon...rest! Hugs, K.

Deere Driver said...

Kittie can't resist kitties.
Hmmm :-)