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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Stuff

Everyone feels a bit sorry for the poor barn cats not being allowed in the house at this time of year. But Mia and Snickers are seen running back and forth in all weather and temperatures. They could stay hidden away in the barn, but they choose to sleep in places that seem less protected.Thank goodness the cats are self sufficient. Although they hang around the house, and us at barn time, they are really outdoor cats. However, if we had cameras in the barn, we could see they don't have it so badly. Outdoors is relative.
For starters, they always have a supply of cat food that everyone checks on when we get hay bales. These days, that's almost daily. Its behind a door that the chickens can't squeeze in. The chickens LOVE cat food.
Water is available in five heated buckets: three with the goats, one with the horse, and one with the chickens.
Warm places to sleep are various. Mia was caught in this one which I have to discourage.
Might be a bit stressful to nest next to a cat.
I was regretting that no one was making tunnels and playing in all this snow. Kids would love these snow piles.
Its appears that the cats have fulfilled my wishes.
Out of respect for the chickens, Snickers made her own nest on the brush hog. Looks very comfy and warm in the dried grasses left from the last Fall mowing.
Looking closer, I see that there is a tandem nest for Mia. Probably an excellent rest place while waiting for the rodents to appear in the barn at night.

Now if only we could get the goats to be so easy to care for.

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Kittie Howard said...

My grandparents always had barn cats on the farm. And they lived well. But not as well as yours. I mean, it's like they live in a condo! What a life...I'm convinced that cats have that secret to life gurus charge money to talk about. Guess you can tell I loooove cats. Meow!