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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dealing With The Snow

Some of the trees have taken a beating with the heavy snow that weighed them down before the snow fell off. We're waiting to see how many bounce back.
With more snow today, we may be seeing more of these snow monsters lurking the alleys.
The adult goats have gotten out to the field the past two days, but not without effort on all our parts. Getting hay out is a snowy, slippery mess. The goats have made these belly wide tunnels though. Neo gets to roam back and forth in them.Jock has had his work cut out for him, and a sad lack of walks as a reward. Its just too deep for my boots.
I've tried to get the kids out once or twice a day, as I look in on Twee and her newborn kid. Yesterday, after I got the buck in, late in the afternoon, I tried to get the kids out to explore and stretch their legs. The snow is just too high for them, but it made for some funny pictures as they tried to turn around and go back to the barn. There was no room to pass, or no one was willing to start a new path, so we had a few stand-offs, till everyone got on the same page.
Meanwhile, "Bruiser" is thriving and exploring. A handsome, big guy!

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Kittie Howard said...

Twee looks so proud! Bruiser is quite a healthy guy! Congrats! More snow comming....