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Friday, February 26, 2010

What? Snow?

Thanks to those of you that have been asking about the flood update. Here it is. No flood yet, but more snow to melt when it warms up. Or more fuel for the fire, so to speak!I am gathering the correct wardrobe to sit on the tractor in about another hour. The snow is slowing down, but more importantly the wind has pretty much quit. We have thick drifts where paths and a driveway used to be. When I started to dig to the barn this morning, I couldn't find the old path to the door from the barn driveway. When I came out of the barn an hour later, everything I dug was gone, gone, gone. And the snow is SO dense, you can walk on it. With the wind chills in the single digits, the barn animals all stayed in today. The barn had snow inside from the heavy winds. The kids stall had snow in it from the vents in the foundation between levels. Those vents need to be there for air circulation, but on a day like today, the draft gets in. But they have a double stall, so they can find other places to snuggle.
This is the odd way the wind has been laying drifts. The kitchen door has a white welcome mat, but the stoop is clean.I shoveled the path to the mudroom, and when I came back, we had these mini drifts.No, I did not shovel this. Again, the twisting, swirling wind. The driveway is densely packed where we had it passable and clean. I have my work cut out. Its going to be heavy and slow.
The cats are no dummies though. While the goats were eating and having indoor recess, Snickers claimed the warming barrel. Mia and Snickers have their ways in and out of the barn. Some of them are snowed in right now, but the one below in the video, seems to work all the time. Mia doesn't seem to mind the snow does she? She followed us back to the house, and quickly dove into her blanket on the chair.


Kittie Howard said...

We missed the snow bullet that double-downed on you. SORRY! You've got amazing patience and fortitude. And, if there's a next life, I wanna come back as a Cat.

Deere Driver said...

A Kittie Cat? Sorry. How could I resist? ;)
Off I go into the white.....