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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kid Stuff

This was Monday at 8:00AM. Things have improved about 20 degrees the past two days.
But the temperature, plus the daily snow fall, has kept the kids inside. We call it indoor recess.
A new bale of hay caused momentary excitement.
Brees has found a new fascination. He just cocks his head and stares transfixed at...
... Jake, the big goat!
Below in the video clip, Brees is playing and stopping to stare at Jake. See the same pose. Is that Dad?

We have managed to start a path and entice the adults out into the field, but its a struggle for us and the goats. Given the alternative of being in the barn all week, by today, the goats were heading out on their own. Twee and Brees were in the barn and Twee decided that she needed company. She headed for the field as I was closing up. A complaining, ten day old kid, following all the way. After a little discussion, we determined the barn was the better place for them with even more snow expected.

So we set up a play scape for a little excitement, while I tried to finish up the chores.Some head butting was involved when things got competitive. Saba did her calisthenics to keep flexible.Tonight, coming in from the fields after dark was a bit tricky. Everyone was going single file behind Jock. If he stopped, they stopped. Passing was a messy alternative, so they just kept in line.You would think there is only one side to the hay rack, but they all like to be together.

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