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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Touchdown! Twins!

After joking around that our pregame entertainment would be birthing goats...So, Dave was there for the first bucks birth at about 5:15PM.
Yea - that's what we were doing an hour before expecting friends for the Super Bowl. I got my kit, and clean rags and towels and arrived with the neighbors, Karen and Abby, to watch Twee lay back down and birth her second buck.Then to run back to the house and watch the game was...Well - just not quite the same.

The temperatures are down in the teens, so its going to be a tough night our there. We cleaned Twee up and dried everyone as best we could. The warming barrel is set up, so we hope Twee can take care of the rest. The first, larger buck is nursing pretty well. Number two is not quite there yet although he got a little milk.

In all of the excitement I did the videos backwards. So when it was on I thought it was off and vice verse. Here is a second of the second twins birth.


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