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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Farm Fashion - 2010 Collection

Although a bit earlier than last year's collection, this boot still life just got me started today. It really doesn't take much when it comes to me and fashion does it?
Last year, I noticed in this issue, we were sporting the hobo look.
While still part of my wardrobe, this year, I think its more of a leftover ski bum look.

With the snow, snow, snow, the bibbers and snow pants have never been so useful.

Who cares about fashionable! OK! Tourists!!!
Even the high school crowd sports the look. And the latest Blanket layer also.My advice about boots.

Buy them too big, so that you can put a second pair of socks in them when the insulation isn't enough. And do not forget the silk, long underwear. Slimming in black.

Menswear is a category unto its own, and is a more conservative look, in the less than snowy weather. Apparently there is a rule that all of them know, as they all show up the same from head to toe. And speaking of heads, hats are a huge part of Winter 2010. Hats of all shapes are IN, along with pajamas,
scarves, ...and ear muffs.
I love my series of football (soccer) scarves that make my statement ME. Love my old ski hat too. The bells keep me company when I'm on the tractor for hours. Old fashioned IPod.
Then back to the Oldest Steeler Hat look that only a man can pull off. But Winter 2010 is all about warm. I think we've done it.
**Some of this year's fashion trends were created in 2009. They were the more sheik and well conceived statements! We can learn from our visitors too!


-- Carla -- said...

One pair of boots for every dress :-)

Kittie Howard said...

Lovely fashion show with cute hats. Men, tho, always seem to dress the same everywhere...hey, guys, how about....nah, I'd get the same You Crazy look I get from my hub!

Amy Lagerquist said...

Love it! I myself go for more of the menswear look in winter (I think it's the boxy Carhartt coat)with rubber boots, and holey faux plastic crocks (I prefer hot pink) during summer. :)

Deere Driver said...

I just don't do coats unless its sub zero or darn close to it. I do like the Carhart pants though! I like my arms free to move around, and find two layers are enough. The vest is key for me.

Looks like the snow pants will be back tomorrow. I plowed us out and I think there is a new half foot again. We've had a lot of snow this month. Its not over yet!