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Friday, February 19, 2010

Drip, Drip, Deluge

Remember the "angel food cake" from the storm two weeks ago? Well, today I think we maximized our size and layers.The sun came out midday and it was strong. It felt GOOD. We got some dry surface on the lane and paths. But we are getting some real melt off the roof and south facing surfaces.And our icicles are nothing compared to some of our neighbors. From their windows, they look like they are in an ice jail. A lot of people have had problems with ice dams forming on their roofs and causing leaks into their houses. We had a minor leak in January when the snow froze on our east side. Right now we seem to be staying out of trouble, except for minor gutter damage. However, this is the message out this afternoon for the area:

There will be a PUBLIC meeting at Ligonier Valley High School on Tuesday, February 23,2010 at 7 PM to discuss evacuation plans for when(not if) we flood due to rain/fast snow melt. This is for real, we all can be in serious trouble if plans are not made in advance.
Please plan on attending even if to find out where to go if the need arises.
It is a Valleywide meeting. Lig Boro, Waterford, Darlington and Wilpen Fire Depts will be there because it will affect us all. I only hope we get a slow melt and/or moderate amounts of rain in the days ahead. Monday's storm may not impact us, it will take some time for rain to work down through the snow.
We are talking about a 500 year flood event and if it gets to that, things are going to get dicey.
Butch Bellas
Ligonier MayorAll the fire departments are preparing and many people in the lower lying areas will have problems. We shouldn't get flooded from below, but if it does flood as badly as they say, we will be marooned here for some time. The roads get flooded over in both directions, so we won't be able to go very far.

The sun will be out this week-end, and the temps are expected above freezing . Then we get a wet, wintry storm if the predictions are correct. We'll just have to watch and be ready for what comes.

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Kittie Howard said...

Good grief! You don't need this. Talk about a winter that's turned into a slugfest. On a brighter note, I found some 'Slap ya Mama' Cajun seasoning, from Ville Platte, at a small store here. Didn't realize how much I'd missed Slap...might have some in your area...