“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twin Doelings

Our Vinegar kept us waiting an extra three days, but what little lovelies she gave us. To explain how healthy these two seem to be, I was on the tractor clearing the snow (What?), and Dave was hand shoveling the paths, when he heard some noise from the barn. They were that loud. When I put the tractor away and shut off the engine, it was a happy noise below!!!
Both little ones are already working on nursing, though one a bit better than the other. Vinegar is a terrific mom again, and is encouraging both to move to the udder. She keeps cleaning and nudging, and wailed terribly when we made the mistake of picking up both at the same time to dry them off a little.We agree it doesn't look too appetizing, but that hasn't stopped her.The family is now moved into the maternity stall with the warming barrel, and lots of clean bedding. Brees, at three weeks old, is booted out and has to grow up fast!


Kittie Howard said...

Ohhhh, wow! Congratulations!! And thanks for sending the news. I feel like a step-granny. My hub was looking at b-ball, called him to come see, another wooooowww! Your kids are beautiful. And Vinegar is truly the proud Mama. Ah, life is good!

Deere Driver said...

Things look warm and fuzzy already. One found its way into the barrel, and if Sis doesn't find it soon, I'll show her the way tonight.

Looks like I hit most, if not all points on the Doe Secret Code checklist before she kidded.

Oh! And its snowing again, but at least she let me get the overnight wave of snow done.